Pilot registration

The pilot registration is done by our timekeeper davengo. If you want to register a team with less than 3 pilots just enter your name multiple times. For later acquired team members you can edit the data in your account.

The Arena

The DRONEMASTERS define the development and usage of drones in all dimensions. Athletic competition is doing to a driver of technological development, arouses enthusiasm, promotes acceptance and understanding of a new technology. We encourage FPV Racing as a discipline and want creative freedom for futher going competitions.

DMS16 Arena
DMS16 Arena (Entwurfszeichnung Stand Oktober 2015)


From March 14 - 18 DRONEMASTERS presents 5 days of FPV Racing, flightshows and product pesentations from developers, manfactures and pilots. On March 17th it's all about Drone Racing at the DRONEMASTERS Summit FPV Cup 2016.

Testing the davengo UHF timing system


The Arena
Classes: „Open-Class“, All-up Weight < 1000g, FPV and RGB-Backlight (brighter is better) is required.
Technical specs:
Aircrafts must be inspected and approved before the pilot is allowed to fly. As unsafe considered aircrafts can be rejected by the race organizer.
Video transmitter:
Transmitters (VTXs) will be provided by our partner Team BlackSheep and will need a Dupont-connector (servo-connector). With a pinout of GND, +5V, video signal, audio signal (optional).
Pilots do not need their own video transmitter. A disallowed video transmission will cause an instant disqualification by the race organization.
VTXs + antenna have to to be attached to the attached in a proper way. So that in case of the crash the Transmitter will take the least amount of damage.
Video receiver:
Our partner Team Black Sheep will provide a video receiver + Monitor for every pilot.
You can also use your own receivers + displaying devices.
Number of pilots: we have a maximum of 96 pilots (exceptions possible)
Pilots per race: 4 Pilots can race at a time
Gates: hight 1.9 – 1.3m, width 3 – 1.6m
Flags: 1.5m and beyond
Qualifying: 2 runs for each pilot
Race: 32 pilots will enter the race, 4 pilots in each group. K.o.-System, first and second will make it to the next race.
Point-system / Points per race:
32 points, first place
31 points, second place
30 points, third place

The teams will be judged by the points of their pilots.
If a pilots has beed interfered, a flight can be rerun. The decision is subject to the race organizer. Video failure, not self-caused crash, timing issues etc. are considered as an interference.
A false start or a wrong gate order are considered as a fault. Missed gates can be repeated or will be considered as a fault.
1st fault: +10 seconds
2nd fault: +20 seconds
3rd fault: +30 seconds
4th fault: one round subtracted
5th fault: another round subtracted
6th – n: like 4 and 5
Intentional crashes, shortcuts or interfering other pilots will cause round subtractions or disqualification by the race organizer.


The registration will be done by our partner davengo.


For all pilots teams we recommend the following accommodation options:

The Bed'nBuget Cityhostel, one of the 3 camping sites in Hannover or the usage of airbnb.